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MINI Coopers: The Car Celebrities Adore

September 28, 2011

Even NASCAR Drivers Drive MINI’s!

MINI Coopers are known for being fun, stylish, and one of the most unique car lines on the market. It should come as no surprise that many celebrities have been spotted driving these sporty little cars. Have you been wondering who are some of the celebrities in Hollywood sporting MINI Coopers in their garages? Here are some of the more notable ones.

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  • 90′s and 00′s pop singer, Britney Spears, is one of the most notorious MINI fans in Hollywood. If you see her driving around, it will likely be in a MINI.
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a MINI Cooper fan as well. This NASCAR favorite showed his love for the MINI line when he auctioned off his own modified version of a MINI Cooper S on eBay. We can’t even imagine how the lucky winner of that auction must have felt!
  • When it comes to actors who are famed in the world of fantasy movies, it seems like MINI Coopers are standard fare. Both Elijah Wood (known as Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings movie series) and Rupert Grint (known as Ron from the Harry Potter series) have been seen driving their own MINI Coopers in their respective countries.
  • Are you a Twilight fan? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that MINI Coopers are a favorite of both Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart, the two leading stars of the Twilight movie series.

The celebrities listed are among the more notable MINI Cooper fans out there. It’s also worth mentioning some of the movies that MINI Coopers have starred in.

  • The MINI Cooper line has been a much-loved staple in the set of Austin Powers:Goldmember. Will it return in the latest issue of Austin Powers’s latest escapades? Only time will tell, but this movie definitely gave the MINI Cooper a good cameo.

The Italian Job, a movie that was a smash hit among gang movie enthusiasts, featured MINI Coopers.

One of Will Smith’s more recent movies, Hitch, had a scene with Smith driving a MINI. Right now, we are wondering whether Will himself will soon buy his own MINI – rumors are out saying that he was impressed with the car’s design.

Considering the name, it comes as no surprise that MINI Coopers were also featured in Drive.

It should be pretty clear to everyone that MINI Coopers are a staple in Hollywood’s garage line. If you drive a MINI, you’re driving glamor. Socialites who want to take a cue from celebrities often choose MINI Coopers for this reasons. For some, it’s also pretty good to know that these sporty little cards will always fit in on the red carpet, too.

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